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.@IranAware is back online

I won the current battle with Twitters censorship crew and @IranAware is active again..(as is @IranAware2 and @Citizen_Infidel)

Thats not to say they wont try again soon to take me down again.. Cause I still will preach against Islam and continue to badger our elected fools in DC.But for now we will see what happens..

Stand up to the progressive left, we must win this fight, the values and moral decency of our country are at stake, we cannot afford to surrender

Sorry Jack Dorsey, I will not cower to Twitter censorship (update)


So everyone knows Twitter suspended me (@IranAware) permanently today as they claim I continually ‘violate” the rules. with over 6k followers and mass communication back and forth between me and my followers, apparently Im not good enough for Twitter.. So while HamasGlobalPR, al-Nursra, al-Qaeda, and Islamic Jihad are free to tweet away I have been silenced. Thank you Jack Dorsey and Dick Costello, I am sure the checks still clear right? And I see you are selling adverts in our TL’s now.. nice, you are not rich enough huh. Maybe you can work a deal with the NSA and make it easier on you to censor the right..anythings possible right?

I know, I know..

Im NOT sorry, I dont think its ok to kill a baby after the 1st term, period for that matter. Use a damn rubber ,PERIOD

Im NOT sorry, Barack Obama is a absolute amateur and a embarrassment to the entire country. The fact he was elected twice shows the absolute moral decay of our society. And he is a child killer to boot, ask that lil 16 year old American kid he murdered via drone..oh, you cant..

Im NOT sorry, but Islam is a stain on humanity and nothing but terrorism via a political entity disguised as the religion of peace, it should be outlawed and banned and eliminated like Nazism.

Im NOT sorry Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett are ruining the country.. They should all get to live out their days in federal prison

Im NOT sorry that I bash Idiots supporting the Boston bombers, or Gosnell fans,  or Treyvon supporters, or UniteBlue progressives, or lying senators and congressman.THEY WORK FOR US,NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. if they had brains and actually used them, i wouldn’t have to tell them how stupid they are would I?

Im NOT sorry I back Israel, its not just that they are Jewish, its called historical fact, its their land..end of story

And YES, I am definitely NOT sorry that CAIR is a front group for Hamas, and Keith Ellison and Andre Carson are Islamist monsters in disguise who need eliminated from the government.

By the way Treyvon got what he deserved and let the gitmo prisoners starve to death, then feed them too the sharks..

#Benghazi #Newtown #Gosnell #fastandfurious #ArrestHillary #ImpeachObama #ArrestHolder #ArrestCarney #AP #IRS #NSA #FBI #EPA When does it end?

Screw them heres my new page.. @IranAware2

Get it together Twitter, we all know you are completely automated and have a huge problem with liberals abusing the Spam button. and when its political, that isnt right


Well 4 hours later and suspended again..Nice Twitter, nice.. Dont worry, we made yo rich, what difference does it make right?