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Nasrallah blasts UN. Hey, lifes hard livin in a hole

On January 14, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the occasion of the Arabaeen rituals. His speech followed the statement of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who said earlier that he was deeply concerned about the military prowess of Hezbollah.

From Now:

“In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Peace be upon you. I salute you all for your great and honorable participation in this ceremony [the conclusion of Arbaeen mourning] despite the cold weather. We say to Hussein and [those who were killed with him], you are alive in our hearts; you are our blood, our heartbeats and our dignity. We will always follow your steps until martyrdom.


English: Picture of Hassan Nasrallah in a fest...
a real pece of Sheite.

We have faced [our enemies] with the spirit that Hussein showed since 1982. We tell all those who are plotting against our nation and its people, wealth and resistance that our masses fill all the squares and our men fill the fronts. Every country has a front for the resistance. Do all that you can, you will not [intimidate] us.

This square which witnessed the beginning of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and the first resistance military parade. From this square, we confirm firmly that we insist on adopting the choice and discipline of the resistance. This choice, this path, these weapons – along with the army and people – is the guarantee for Lebanon’s security.

We tell [UN chief] Ban Ki-moon that we are happy you, the US and Israel are concerned and worried that we have weapons. What is important for us is that all our people in Lebanon know that there is a Resistance. This resistance will persist.

What was the result of the [work] of the Arab League, the European Nations, the US, and the UN for decades? The result is that Palestine is still occupied. The resistance in Lebanon accomplished liberation. The resistance in Gaza and Iraq also accomplished liberation. Then, what is the substitute for resistance?

I have never said that I refuse dialogue; I said that there are some people that want the dialogue in a bid to disarm us. Their goal will never be achieved. However, we welcome every dialogue aiming at setting a defense strategy.

We should mention Imam Moussa Sadr and his companions. We support the government’s efforts to reveal the truth behind his disappearance.

I would like to confirm our keenness on civil peace. We are keen that no disagreement regarding any local or regional issue leads to any kind of instability. We are keen on stability, preventing thefts and crimes, [but] it is the responsibility of the state and the army to prevent them and not the responsibility of the Resistance. We are keen on the government and call on its prime minister and ministers to deal with the livelihood issues.

Lebanon cannot be isolated from the events in Syria. We are the country which is influenced the most by the events in Syria. We call on the Syrian opposition outside and inside the country to respond to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s call for dialogue. We also call them to relinquish arms. We call for the prevalence of stability in Syria.

The behavior and the incitement of foreign countries regarding the crisis in Syria is not useful. I tell those governments: If you are really keen on Syria, then you should all [agree] to resolve the crisis in Syria instead of inciting [strife] and worsening the crisis.

We must strictly condemn the blasts that targeted Iraq and which left hundreds dead. I call on all [Iraqi] parties to condemn these attacks, especially suicide bomb attacks, which target people who have different ideologies and beliefs.

Killing the nuclear scientists in Iran will not stop Iran’s development and aim to develop nuclear technology. [Our enemies] want us to be [distracted with entertainment], they do not want us to be nations that produce and export science.

In Bahrain, we call on the regime to meet the people’s demands and launch a serious dialogue with the opposition.

On this occasion, we cannot forget Palestine. The enemies of this nation do not want its factions to reconcile. The only option for the people of Palestine is resistance. Our way to dignity, prosperity, security is achieved by clinging to the option of resistance.

Peace be upon Imam Hussein, his son Ali, all his sons and friends. Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God be upon you all.”


It will be a wonderful day when this one has his work accident.. Hezbollah will be the destroyer of Lebanon..