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#Nigeria: Islamist Police Enforcing Sharia

A small army of Islamist police ten-thousand strong are being placed on the streets of Kano, Nigeria with orders to “arrest anyone wearing sleeveless T-shirts and pants that cut off just below the knee.”

According to CBN News, the enforcement of these specifics is part of the larger enforcement of Sharia demands against “indecent dress” throughout the state.

The rules will apply to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, including Christians.

The Islamist police will also keep an eye on Kano’s rickshaw taxis to be sure “men and women [aren’t] traveling together.”

Kano is “one of nine states in northern Nigeria that has introduced Sharia law.”

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Iran mulls Persian cat as next animal astronaut


Iran mulls Persian cat as next animal astronaut

Islamic Republic says sending cat into space as part of effort to send human into space by 2018

Associated Press

Iran says it is considering sending a Persian cat into space as the next animal astronaut after claims of launching a monkey earlier this year.


The effort is part of Iranian ambitions to send a human into space by 2018, but questions have been raised about the reported successes of Iran’s animal missions. 

Monday’s report by the official IRNA news agency quotes space official Mohammad Ebrahimi as saying the next animal could be the distinctive Persian cat, a long-haired, flat-faced breed named after Iran‘s former name of Persia.


No other details were given.


In February, Iran insisted it successful sent a monkey outside earth’s atmosphere and returned it safely. But photos raised international questions about whether the same animal was shown in pre-and post-launch images.

Dubai couple gets one month in jail for kissing behind mosque

A woman, 31, and a man, 19, have been sentenced to jail in Dubai after they were caught kissing in a tinted car behind a mosque in Dubai.

UAE newspaper Gulf News reported that a local female banker and her country-man were given a one-month sentence after they were reported by an Omani passer-by.

“The man claimed that he saw a couple clutching intimately to each other but doubted that they were having sex. He called the police,” added Gulf News.

The teenager, also said to be a banker, was quoted as saying that the couple “never had sex but I admit that we kissed.”
Gulf News publishes more details from the court hearing here.