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The Lethality of De-Judaizing Jerusalem

And stupidity..


As an example of what the insightful commentator Melanie Phillips referred to as a “dialogue of the demented” in her book The World Turned Upside Down, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is continuing a long tradition of attempting to de-Judaize Jerusalem by expressing his mendacious notion that, as he put it, “Jerusalem has a special flavor and taste not only in our hearts, but also in the hearts of all Arabs and Muslims and Christians,” and “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Palestinian state and without it there will be no state.”

The same scholar of history who wrote a doctoral dissertation that questioned the extent and truthfulness of the Holocaust was now making his own historical claim that there had never been a Jewish presence and history in the world’s holiest city.

In recent weeks, Abbas has been at it again, adding new layers of rhetoric to his tactical campaign to de-Judaize Jerusalem, in general, and to the Temple Mount, specifically. In an October PA TV broadcast, Abbas made the breathtakingly absurd claim that Jews not only had no historic claim to the Temple Mount, but they also should never even be allowed to have their presence known at that location. “The settlers have arrived . . . ,” he said. “This is our Sanctuary, our Al-Aqsa and our Church [of the Holy Sepulchre]. They have no right to enter it . . . [or] right to defile it. We must prevent them . . . .”

Only in an alternate, Orwellian universe could only one group of people on earth—Jews—be enjoined from praying on the single site most holy to their faith, and, moreover, be told that their presence there is not only provocative but is repugnant and befouls the very ground on which those of another faith—Muslims—have staked a triumphalist religious claim and now wish to gather and pray.

This attempt to airbrush out a Jewish presence from Jerusalem—in fact, all of historic Palestine—is not a new message for Abbas, of course. In 2000 he expressed similar contempt for the idea that a Jewish temple had ever existed on the Temple Mount and that, even if it had existed, the offenses committed by Israel against the Palestinians negated any claim Jews might have enjoyed, absent their perfidy.

“Anyone who wants to forget the past [i.e., the Israelis] cannot come and claim that the [Jewish] temple is situated beneath the Haram,” Abbas absurdly asserted in an article in Kul Al-Arab, an Israeli Arabic-language weekly newspaper. “ . . . But even if it is so, we do not accept it, because it is not logical for someone who wants a practical peace.”

Judging by the October 30th statement by U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, forgetting the past is something in which the John Kerry’s office is also complicit.  “We’re extremely concerned by escalating tensions across Jerusalem and particularly surrounding the Haram al-Sharif, Temple Mount,” Psaki said, pointedly, and dangerously, referring to the Temple Mount by its Arab name first and thereby fortifying, and seeming to lend equal weight to, the Palestinian’s spurious claim to spiritual and territorial rights to the site, and to the wider area described now as East Jerusalem.

“It is actually critical that all sides exercise restraint, refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric and preserve the status quo,” she added, suggesting that Jews not be allowed to pray on the Mount and that the status quo prohibiting Jews from praying on the site be ordered to continue so as to not incite Muslim sensibilities.

But in characterizing East Jerusalem —or any part of Jerusalem, for that matter —as territory that Israel “occupies” but over which it enjoys no sovereignty, Abbas (and U.S. State Department, too) is misreading, once again, the content and purpose of 1967’s U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 that suggested an Israeli withdrawal “from territories [not all territories]” it acquired in the Six-Day War.

Critics of Israeli policy who either willfully misread or deliberately obscure the resolution’s purpose say that the Jewish State is in violation of 242 by continuing to occupy the ‘West Bank’ and Jerusalem, including what is spuriously now referred to as “Arab” East Jerusalem.  But the drafters of Resolution 242 were very precise in creating the statute’s language, and they never considered Jerusalem to have been occupied by Israel after the Six-Day War.  Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Arthur Goldberg, one of the resolution’s authors, made this very clear when he wrote some years later that “Resolution 242 in no way refers to Jerusalem, and this omission was deliberate[.] . . . At no time in [my] many speeches [before the U.N.] did I refer to East Jerusalem as occupied territory.”

But the true danger of the Palestinian thinking about Jerusalem—and, indeed, about all of the Palestine that they covet, including Israel itself—was revealed in Yasser Arafat’s own view that he expressed in a July 2000 edition of al-Hayat al-Jadida when he threatened that “They can occupy us by force, because we are weaker now, but in two years, ten years, or one hundred years, there will be someone who will liberate Jerusalem [from them].”

“Liberating” Jerusalem, of course, does not mean transforming it into a pluralistic, open city where members of three major faiths can live freely and practice their religions openly. Liberating Jerusalem for the Palestinians would be more in keeping with the type of liberation that Transjordan’s Arab League effected when they burned and looted the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem in 1948; expelled and killed its hapless Jewish population; destroyed some 58 synagogues, many hundreds of years old; unearthed gravestones from the history-laden Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives and used them for latrine pavers; and barred any Jew from praying at the Western Wall or entering the Temple Mount.

But false irredentist claims, Islamic supremacism which compels Jews and Christians to live in dhimmitude under Muslim control, and an evident cultural and theological disregard for other faiths— while troubling in the battle over sovereignty in Jerusalem—are not, according to Dore Gold, Israel’s former ambassador to the United Nations, the most dangerous aspects of a diplomatic capitulation which would allow the Palestinians to claim a shared Jerusalem.

In his engaging book, The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City, Gold pointed to a far more troubling aspect: in their desire to accede to Arab requests for a presence and religious sovereignty in Jerusalem, the State Department, EU, UN member states, and Islamic apologists in the Middle East and worldwide may actually ignite jihadist impulses they seek to dampen with their well-intentioned, but defective, diplomacy.

Why? Because, as Gold explained, “In the world of apocalyptic speculation, Jerusalem has many other associations—it is the place where the messianic Mahdi [the redeemer of Islam] is to establish his capital. For that reason, some argue that it also should become the seat of the new caliphate that most Islamic groups—from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Qaeda—seek to establish.”

When Yasser Arafat in July 2000 gave expression to the eventual “liberation” of Jerusalem as a sacred and unending ambition for the Palestinian cause, he defined it as a recapture of what had been, and should be, in his view, Muslim land, just as the eventual extirpation of Israel and the reclamation of all of historic Palestine would accomplish. The establishment of the Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem is the first important step in the long-term strategy to rid the Levant of Jews and reestablish the House of Islam in Palestine.

“Jerusalem’s recapture is seen by some as one of the signs that ‘the Hour’ and the end of times are about to occur,” Gold suggested. “And most importantly, because of these associations, it is the launching pad for a new global jihad powered by the conviction that this time the war will unfold according to a pre-planned religious script, and hence must succeed.”

So far from creating a political situation in which both parties—Israelis and the Palestinians—feel they have sought and received equal benefits, such negotiations and final agreements would have precisely the opposite effect: destabilizing the region and creating, not the oft-hoped for Israel and Palestine “living side by side in peace,” but an incendiary cauldron about to explode into an annihilatory, jihadist rage.

Those in the West who are urging Israel “to redivide Jerusalem by relinquishing its holy sites,” Dore cautioned, “may well believe that they are lowering the flames of radical Islamic rage, but in fact they will only be turning up those flames to heights that have not been seen before.”

If the State Department and other Western diplomats are intent on mollifying the Arab street by pressuring Israel to divide Jerusalem as a peace offering to the Palestinians, it may well be setting into motion the exact opposite result—a jihadist, apocalyptic movement invigorated by the misguided diplomacy of the West that, once more, asks Israel to sacrifice its security and nationhood so that Islamists can realize their own imperial and theological ambitions at the Jewish state’s expense.

Richard L. Cravatts, PhD, president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, is the author of Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s Jihad Against Israel & Jews.

The Hate-Wave All Over the Islamicized West

Dr. Inna Rogatchi

The wave of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred has sprung all over Europe readily seizing the pretext of the completely justified Israeli military operation in Gaza. Mass demonstrations in London and the other cities of the United Kingdom, violent riots in Paris, ‘Kristallnacht’-style attacks on synagogues in France, Ireland and Poland, public hate preaches of imam calling for the death ‘the Jews until the last one’ in Berlin, abrasive threats to Jewish people in Denmark and Sweden; all this amassing daily.

The things are better in the USA, but  there a well Jewish people are threatened because of their national origin ( in Chicago) and where many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demonstrations have been snow-balling.

As occurred numerous times before, Israel, under non-stop missile attacks by Hamas is presented as a very bad cop; as always, the die-hard left is indulged in calling white black and preaching to Israel to make peace with a cannibal. What’s new in all those anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activities all over the world this time, is the substantially larger number of demonstrators – just everywhere; their determination; their rather high level of confidence and aggressiveness; and largely prevailing Arab and Muslim presence among the attackers and demonstrators.

What we are experiencing today in Europe and the West,  is a wave of articulated hatred towards Jews, and Israel, in that order; and also a substantially higher arrogant confidence on the part of the attackers and demonstrators. They are acting in a much bolder way, also demonstrating to us all quite intentionally: we are here, it is within our rights to do whatever we want – and they are indeed allowed to spread all this hate and conduct all these attacks by the European and Western governments who remain largely meek towards racial violence peaking up in their countries.

This is the result of the more than 25 years of extremely short-sighted and inept policy, or actually, absence of firm stand and articulated policy of the European and Western governments on the issue on militant Islam’ spreading and planting roots in the West.

On the very serious issue on the Islamic presence in the Western world, Europe was dangerously blind to a highly risky lead. During past quarter of century, the process went from initial welcoming of the steadily increasing mass of hardly checked Muslim incomers, young and mid-aged males mostly, into the European and Western space, to pandemic appeasing of enforced militant Islam all over Europe.

Eleven years ago, a year and a half after  9/11, I published the analyses of the then-new security situation in, Europe: A Dangerous Place to Live  which had been cited in many books and dissertations, and in which I pointed out many of the phenomena that were appearing then and had high potential to develop into security nightmares, including the second and third generations of the militant Islamists born in Europe and becoming sworn enemies from within as they would be heavily indoctrinated.

As we know, that is exactly what has happened – but the Western governments have just noticed it now, and only because the European Islamists became involved in the Syrian conflict.

A decade later I wrote the next analysis on the same theme, focusing on the objective criteria for safety and security, and the dynamics of the process. The study “Islamisation of Europe: its Origin, Process, Objective and Consequences” was presented at the Institute of the World Politics in Washington D.C. in Spring 2013. I do not remember when I was depressed so much as while I was working on that study, collecting, reading, watching and systematizing all the material.

The process of massive, premeditated conquering of the West by the fanatical militant Islam had progressed enormously and had been advanced very much since the scheme was conceived by the Muslim Brotherhood and other similar organizations in the late 1960s. They developed their strategic initiative and tactical agenda in late 1980s,  followed by the quality change of the whole process brought by the crucial act of Al-Qaeda in 9/11 attacks.

Statistics show that 6% of all population of Europe today is Muslim, with over 44 million Muslims living in Europe. That statistic includes a large Russian population, and also the places wherethe  Muslim population is indigenous as is the case for Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and the other places in the Balkans, with over a million Muslims (13,4% ) in Bulgaria, and over 200 thousand (22,7%) in Cyprus. The later are both members of EU, with all the absence of border control, and extremely light security  which did led to the terror attack against Israeli tourists in Burgas airport in 2012.

There is nothing natural about very solid presence of many large and growing Muslim communities practically in all large European countries and the UK as is shown by the conservative statistics: 7,5% in France with a 4,7 million Muslim population; 6% in Belgium, with 638 thousand; 5,7% in Austria with 475 thousand; 5,7% in Switzerland with 433 thousand; 5,5% in the Netherlands with almost a million, 914 thousand; 5% in Germany with over 4 million people there; 4,7% in Greece with 527 thousand; 4,9% in Sweden with 451 thousand; 4,6% in the UK with about three million, 2 869 thousand; 4,1 in Denmark with 226 thousands; 2.6 % in Italy with 1,5 million; 2,3% in Spain with over a million, 1,021 thousands.

All in all, Europe has the Islamic population of Saudi Arabia within its borders now. No wonder that hate-preachers of fanatical Islam are bragging now that “Europe does not even realize how small it really is, from our point of view”. In all these countries, except Spain, Islam had been totally alien and had been artificially brought into the space of completely different cultural, sociological, psychological and every possible tradition, values, practices and way of life.

Of course, not all the European and Western Muslims are militant fanatics. But there are too many of those who are, and who are thriving in Europe practicing their hateful violence. This tendency is continuously strengthening as we are see daily – and are hear from the imams’ preaching  from London to Berlin.

At last there are the many briefings of finally alarmed Western governments who can see now the real threat to the home-countries by their indoctrinated citizens who have also been trained on the Syrian and other battlefields and are shuttling between the West and Middle-East and Asia perpetually.

My study, stuffed with many facts and evidences, had been met with serious attention. Some of the Members of the European Parliament immediately decided to run a special hearing on the paper,  drafting and accepting the policy paper on the issue, vital for the security of the over 750 million people of the EU states. The hearings were planned for autumn 2013 but we are still waiting.

I do not know the other case in history when so imminent and so tangible danger – not to one or several groups of a population, but to the entire societies of people on their own land – has been ignored so blindly and so enthusiastically as it has under the guidance of the leadership of the foreign policy of the European Union under its outgoing boss, unelected appointee Mme Ashton and by both Obama Administrations, with the second one being completely unqualified and dangerously ignorant when it comes to matters of the Middle-East, and the speedy spread of the militant Islam all over the West.

Unlearned lessons did lead to the inconceivable yet few years ago success of ISIS/ISIL, that now threaten to undermine the entire Middle East very substantially, to only advantage of Iran.

Distinctively, the hate-wave which is now spread all over European and the West emphatically targets  the local Jewish population there, with outpouring threats and applied violence towards the European and Western Jewry one day after another. Coming alongside and at the same time of the unprecedented rise of the neo-Nazis and ultra-right movements all over Europe – and this is largely thanks to the increasing advance of Islam in Europe – it creates an atmosphere in Europe and the West which has potential to become even worse than the mortal attack on Jewish people orchestrated by Nazis and Hitler, – simply because now the Jews are attacked by several different forces, and because there is no clear division between aggressors and defending forces of allies, but people are hated, targeted and attacked in all European and many Western countries only because they are Jewish. Welcome to the Middle Ages.

All this hate, violence and drive for destruction and annihilation focuses on Israel, which is an embodiment of the strength, pride and statehood of the Jewish people whenever they are living.  Whenever Israel advances on those who are trying to harm her, the hate-waves in Europe and the West are and will become hotter and more voracious.

The point here is that with current degree of the Islamiaation of the West, these waves will not be ebb. There will not be a calm sea in European and Western life towards Jewry and Israel until the Western leaders and their government elaborate and implement a tough stand and adequate, firm policies protecting their citizens.

This is the matter on which Israel and its allies in the world, the European and world Jewry shall be united to bring it to the top of the international policy agenda. We all, on the state, government, parliament and public levels shall insist tirelessly that this urgent matter of international safety and security must be implemented, without bargains of any sort, by the world leaders and their governments.

There is simply no alternative to that, in order to handle those growing hate-waves that have risen over the horizon of the world as we know it.

Ed. Note: Just received from Ms. Anne Willner in Helsinki: A pro-Israel rally took place on Thursday 24 July in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. More than 1000 loyal friends showed their support to the brave nation of Israel that – over and over again – has to fight for its legal right to exist, have safe borders and guarantee the Israelis a peaceful life. The rally took place in front of the parliament building. Several well known politicians participated in the rally, as well, and loudly claimed, that Israel has the right to protect its borders and citizens and that Hamas aggressive and cowardly hostility must be stopped immediately. See photo below.

Dr Inna Rogatchi is the author, scholar, and filmmaker. She is the co-founder and president of The Rogatchi Foundation – Her new film is The Lessons of Survival. Conversations with Simon Wiesenthal –, and her forthcoming book is Dark Stars, Wise Hearts: Personal Reflections on the Holocaust in the Modern Times.  


UNESCO: Building Bigotry in the Minds of Men and Women

by Claudia Rosett

The United Nations cultural agency has disgraced itself again, deciding at the last minute to postpone an exhibition of the 3,500-year relationship of the Jewish people to the Holy Land. This exhibition, co-sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was due to open this past Monday at the Paris headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). But last week 22 Arab states sent a letter to UNESCO’s secretariat, protesting that this exhibition could endanger the “peace process.” (French text of the letter here, courtesy of UN Watch).


UNESCO’s secretariat — namely, its director-general, Irina Bokova — could have replied that any peace process that could be remotely endangered by a display of the long history of  Jewish ties to the Holy Land is no peace process at all.Bokova could have told the Arab states that UNESCO has no interest in trying to delegitimize the state of Israel at their behest, which is what this UNESCO delay is really all about. Bokova could have proclaimed that anti-Semitism has no place at the UN, and for any of UNESCO’s member states to insinuate it into the agenda is a jarring affront at a cultural agency dedicated, in the words of its motto (condensed from UNESCO’s charter and amended for political correctness), to “building peace in the minds of men and women.” She could have added that it is thug politics for many of UNESCO’s member states to employ the cultural agency as a vehicle for passing round after round of resolutions singling out Israel as a target of UNESCO condemnations. Bokova could have shown backbone and leadership by giving her blessing to the exhibition, “People, Book, Land — The 3,500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People to the Holy Land,” and insisting that it open on schedule. She could have turned up to celebrate it as an important element in the history of the Middle East, a genuine contribution to any real hope of peace.

Instead, UNESCO’s secretariat put out a press release last Friday, announcing that in the context of the Arab protest, “regrettably, UNESCO had to postpone the inauguration of the exhibition.” The press release went on to attribute this decision to UNESCO’s “relentless efforts to achieve consensus between Member States on all issues falling within UNESCO’s educational, scientific, and cultural mandate.”


That’s a fascinating admission, of sorts — implying that UNESCO is guided not by principle, or truth, but by “consensus.” And what, exactly, does UNESCO mean by “consenus”? UNESCO has 195 members. There is no sign here that they were all consulted and with one voice agreed to defer to the Arab states. For that matter, both the U.S. and Canada protested the decision to delay the exhibition. In other words, there was no consensus on any side of this matter. Rather, there was a relentless effort by UNESCO to justify an anti-Semitic decision by packaging it in a heap of UN baloney.


On Tuesday, UNESCO disgraced itself even further, trying to deflect criticism with yet more baloney. Out rolled another UNESCO press release, this one saying “UNESCO wishes to reaffirm that the exhibition has not been cancelled but postponed.” Apparently there is now a discussion going on with the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in which UNESCO wishes to “finalize the last points” (what “last points”? The exhibition was in the midst of being set up for a Jan. 20th opening, when UNESCO last week abruptly pulled the plug). The opening date has now been moved to June.


Meanwhile, as UNESCO last week began shunting the Jewish history display out of the way in the name of the “peace process,” the UN in New York, also in the name of the “peace process” was launching an International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. More on that in my Forbes article on “‘Peace’ and Prejudice at the United Nations” — where evidently some people are more equal than others.


UNESCO is now touting its plans on Jan. 27 to commemorate the Holocaust (or might UNESCO, in the interest of consensus, postpone that, as well, should any member state object?). At least UNESCO is not trying to deny that piece of history. But when UNESCO  and the UN reward and promote bigotry in the name of peace, selectively “postponing” a few thousand years of Jewish history in deference to those who would try to rewrite reality by censoring Israel’s claim to a place in the Middle East, that is a step toward inviting the next Holocaust.


Back in 2011, UNESCO lost its U.S. funding when its members voted to admit the Palestinians to full membership before they had satisfied their Oslo promises to arrive at viable statehood by way of negotiations with Israel. That triggered U.S. laws forbidding government funding to any international body that might attempt this end run. Since then, UNESCO has been lobbying for the U.S. to override its own laws in order to re-open the money spigot and resume lavishing some $80 million per year in U.S. taxpayer dollars (with a quarter billion or so of “arrears” thrown in) on this UN hub of selective “consensus,” which masquerades as a “cultural” agency. UNESCO’s problem — amid the luxuries of its central Paris headquarters —  is not a lack of funding. It is a desperate lack of a moral compass.