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Saudi Arabia: Women’s IDs can be issued without guardians’ consent

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There are several ways women can obtain their national identity card without seeking their guardians’ permission, according to Khalid Fakhri, member of the National Assembly for Human Rights.
Fakhri said the guardians’ role is to identify and facilitate statutory procedures for women provided that they are included in family records.
He said that procedures and rules are clear regarding women’s rights to obtain a national ID and apply for paperwork to be completed at any department with the exception of proceedings in civil cases.
Current regulations within the civil status system give women several options for obtaining their national IDs. This includes the presence of a guardian for identification purposes via signed family records. If this is not possible, she can submit the ID of a relative aged 18 years or older, or, if this is also not possible, two women aged 18 or older can come to the Department of Civil Status to complete statutory procedures.
These are all viable and acceptable methods for a woman to obtain her ID for civil cases without requiring the consent or presence of the guardian. Women also have the freedom to select who will facilitate obtaining the national ID.
But the presence of a guardian is intended only for identification purposes to facilitate the procedures.
The guardian does not have the right to refuse because being recognized through an ID is a fundamental right and conforms to procedures in place in many countries for security considerations and other services.


Saudi Arabia sentences human rights activist to eight years in jail

IMG_0178RIYADH – A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a human rights activist to eight years in prison for sedition after his group campaigned for a constitutional monarchy and elections in the Gulf Arab kingdom.

Abdulkarim al-Khader co-founded the Saudi Political and Civil Rights Association (ACPRA) and served as its head after the imprisonment of two of his colleagues in March.

Mohammed Fahd al-Qahtani and Abdullah Hamad were sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges that included sedition and damaging the country’s reputation.

Monday’s ruling stipulated that Khader will only serve three years in jail, with five years suspended unless he resumes his activities, human rights activists said on Tuesday. He has also been barred from travel for a further 10 years, they said.

The group, which was declared an illegal organization after the March verdicts, has also accused the government of human rights abuses including torture, jailing political activists and detaining people without trial or after the expiry of their sentences. By REUTERS

Saudi TV anchor proposes to girl via Twitter, sets off chain reaction

ABHA – Mohannad Abu Obaid, a Rotana Al-Khaleejiah TV anchor, recently proposed to a girl via his Twitter account @mohannadObaid.  He started the tweet by saying, “How about if I propose to you instead?” This open marriage proposal caused quite a stir in the tweetmosphere as it was retweeted 1,170 times under the title “The first public marriage proposal on Twitter.” Some people exchanged comments demonstrating their feelings surrounding the whole hullabaloo, which included but was not limited to Abu Obaid being outright ridiculed for taking such a distasteful approach to the sacred union of marriage.

However, some of those who commented believed his proposal was genuine, while others dismissed it as a mere ploy designed to attract more followers to his account.

Abu Obaid immediately denied these accusations through followup tweets by saying it was not his intention to gain fame at the expense of the girl involved. For further clarification he tweeted: “Initially I didn’t propose to her through the Twitter public forum, but through a private message. It was only after I didn’t receive a reply that I decided to propose to her via the public forum.” Al-Sharq reported on Thursday that Abu Obaid concluded his tweets by saying, “With your permission, I have to leave for a photo shoot. Hopefully upon my return I will have received her reply. Pray for me.” — SG