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Bedouins on Jordan Border Swear Loyalty to ISIS

 Israeli security system on high alert after tribes join ISIS in exchange for money, with fears terror group may start Jordan conquest soon.

Jihadist (illustration)

Jihadist (illustration)

The Israeli security system is on the alert after Bedouin tribes in southern Syria on the border with Jordan pledged allegiance to Islamic State (ISIS), Walla! reports Wednesday.

The tribes live adjacent to Jabal al-Druze, or the Mountain of the Druze, which is a mountainous region near the Jordan border that has the highest concentration of Druze. They swore allegiance in return for resources and funds from ISIS, the world’s richest terrorist organization.

It is now feared by the Israeli security system that ISIS will be able to rapidly establish a wider control over the Jordan border region, and may even infiltrate the Hashemite kingdom and take over villages as it has long tried to do.

Jordan has responded to the threat by arming Bedouin tribes on its side of the border, although it is feared Bedouin tribes in Jordan may turn to ISIS and attack Israel.

There is a familial tie between some of the Bedouin tribes in Syria that joined ISIS and those in Jordan, meaning there is a threat of cooperation that would help expand ISIS’s reach into Jordan.

Another concern is that if the conflict between the Bedouin tribes and the Druze living in Jabal al-Druze heats up, Druze living in Israel who are related to those living in the Syrian mountainous region may raise tensions on the Israeli-Syrian border to try and support their brethren.

Israeli security sources estimate that ISIS’s expansion among the Bedouin tribes cost the group lots of money, but was meant to deliver a blow to its rivals Nusra Front and Free Syrian Army.

Israel has seen its security interests align with those of Jordan in confronting ISIS, and late last month gave Jordan retired US-supplied Cobra combat helicopters to fight off the threat from Syria, according to a US official. The security cooperation comes even as Jordan steps up its diplomatic war against Israel.

ISIS claims female US hostage killed in Jordanian air strikes in Syria

Islamic State is claiming on social media outlets that a female American hostage in its captivity was killed in Jordanian reprisal air strikes in Raqqa, Syria, CNN is reporting.

There was no further proof provided as to the claim.

Kayla Mueller, 26, an international aid worker who was based in Syria, was taken captive by ISIS terrorists in August 2013.

The ISIS claim was first reported by SITE, an intelligence web site that monitors extremist activity on the Internet.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said his country’s strike against Islamic State in Syria on Thursday was just the start of its response to the militant group’s immolation of its captured pilot last month.

“It’s actually the beginning of our retaliation,” Judeh said in an interview with CNN on Thursday. He said his country was “upping the ante” and going after the militants “with everything that we have.”

Jordan’s military said it had deployed tens of fighter jets against Islamic State in Syria, which included bombing ammunition depots and training camps.

Thousands of Jordanians packed the streets of the capital Amman on Friday, urging their monarch to step up air strikes on Islamic State to avenge its killing of pilot Mouath al-Kasaesbeh.

Crowds massed near the main Husseini mosque, then marched chanting “Death to Daesh,” using an Arabic acronym for the jihadist group, in the latest sign of mounting public anger.

The rally came three days after Islamic State released a video purporting to show Kasaesbeh being burned alive in a cage as masked militants in camouflage uniforms looked on.

Many Jordanians have opposed their country’s involvement in US-led air campaign against Islamic State positions, fearing retaliation. But the killing of the recently-married pilot, from an influential Jordanian tribe, has increased support for the military push.

Reuters contributed to this report.

The ISIS – Jordan video the msm dont want you to see (18+)


Watch it and pass it on.Im tired of these atrocities being hidden from view. Its high time these Islamic State monsters are annihilated completely

The crimes against humanity begin at 15:00

from now on I will post all these videos to be documented as the war crimes they are