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Phoenix Bikers Sponsor ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest on Friday


On May 29, bikers in Pheonix, Arizona, are holding a “Draw Muhammad” contest outside the mosque at the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, which is where the two gunmen who opened fire in Garland, Texas, allegedly attended.

Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson drove from Phoenix to Garland and opened fire outside of the Curtis Culwell Center on May 3, while a Muhammad cartoon contest was being held. The two men were quickly killed by police working security at the event.

In the weeks since that event, numerous media pundits have criticized Pamela Geller for organizing the Muhammad cartoon contest to begin with. At what she described as her freedom of speech and expression, pundits recoiled and said she was asking for it by allegedly antagonizing Muslims.

For example, following the attack, The New York Times said Geller’s contest “was not really about free speech. It was an exercise in bigotry and hatred posing as a blow for freedom.” The paper tried to explain that those who see it otherwise are confusing “hate speech” with free speech.

Enter former Marine Jon Ritzheimer, who is organizing Friday’s “Draw Muhammad” contest in Phoenix.

According to Vocativ, Ritzheimer says his contest is an exercise in free speech and is being held, in part, to respond to the “liberals” who criticized those gathered in Texas with Geller instead of criticizing the two Islamic men who walked up to a cartoon contest and opened fire.

He put it this way:

This is not about race or any other side agenda that the Liberals are making it out to be. This is purely 100% a Freedom of Speech Rally. Stand Tall and show that we can PEACEFULLY protest our rights that are under attack. That is the sole cause for this Rally and Islam wants to silence us.

Ritzheimer is also asking all attendees to exercise their Second Amendment rights and bring firearms in case the expression of a First Amendment right “comes under the much anticipated attack.”

The group is meeting at Denny’s by the Islamic Community Center at 5 pm and plans to walk to the mosque itself at 6 and hold the contest right outside. The current president of the center is Usama Shami. He responded to Ritzheimer’s announcement by saying, “Everyone has a right to be a bigot. Everyone has a right to be racist.”

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Turkish police use water cannon on protesters decrying religion in schools

A high school student wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in a protest against the education policies of the ruling AK Party in Istanbul February 13, 2015. REUTERS-Murad Sezer
Police use tear gas to disperse scores of protesters boycotting schools over the growing influence of religion in the classroom in Ankara February 13, 2015. REUTERS-Stringer
Police use tear gas to disperse scores of protesters boycotting schools over the growing influence of religion in the classroom in Ankara February 13, 2015. REUTERS-Stringer

(Reuters) – Turkish police used water cannon in the western coastal city of Izmir on Friday to disperse scores of protesters boycotting schools over the growing influence of religion in the classroom, local media reported.

Education is the latest flashpoint between the administration of President Tayyip Erdogan, and secularist Turks who accuse him of overseeing creeping ‘Islamisation’ in the NATO member state.

Riot police were out in force on Izmir’s streets, with water cannon being used to disperse banner-waving demonstrators who had gathered in the centre of the city, according to pictures from Dogan news agency. At least one person was seen being led away by plain clothes security officers.

Parts of some regular schools have been requisitioned to create more places for students in “Imam Hatip” religious schools championed by Erdogan, where girls and boys are taught separately.

Almost 1 million students are enrolled in those schools, up from 65,000 when AKP came to power in 2002.

The boycott was organised in cities across the country by a teachers union and associations from the minority Alevi community, the Hurriyet Daily News website reported.

Around ten people in Istanbul were detained by police, the paper added. A Reuters witness said hundreds of people, mostly school students, joined one protest in the city.

In 2013 Turkey was widely condemned for the brutal suppression of anti-government protests which saw hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets.

Despite deepening polarisation in the country, Erdogan remains hugely popular with his conservative religious voter base. But there is an increasing sense of hostility in some secularist parts of the population, disturbed by what they see as erosion of judicial independence.

(Reporting by Jonny Hogg; Editing by Daren Butler and Ralph Boulton)


Muslim pours acid down wife’s throat in Pakistan

Lahore: A 25-year-old married woman in Pakistan’s Punjab province is battling for her life after her husband allegedly poured acid down her throat following an argument over trivial domestic issues.

The incident occurred late yesterday in Kot Addu tehsil of Muzaffargarh district, some 400 kilometres from here.
Victim Gulnaz’s husband Fahim Ahmed had an argument with her over a trivial domestic issue. He first beat her with the assistance of his father and then poured acid down her throat, police said.

Following the incident, she was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital in Multan, where her condition is stated to be very critical.

Gulnaz was married to Faheem a few months ago and the couple often picked arguments over domestic problems which generally resulted in quarrels, a senior police officer Abdul Rehman Asim said.

“We have registered a case under Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act against Fahim and his father and police are raiding to arrest them,” the officer said.

At least 43 cases of acid attacks, including 51 women and eight men, have been recorded in Punjab province this year.
Prosecution rate in such cases is only 35 per cent as several problems often persist during investigation and trial stage. Out-of-court settlements add to the woes of victims, according to local media reports.