And now for something completely different

Since I never ask for donations yet put thousands of hours into this blog I respectfully ask all to maybe help out a fellow contributor to this page as well as several pages on facebook and twitter. He is dedicated to the hilt, just lately took a wallop by hard times.. even 45. is a godsend.. Thanks, IranAware


Sara’s eye surgery fund

My name is Sara and Im 3 years old. I got beat up by another cat and had my eye scratched and it quickly became infected. I had 1 emergency surgery to save my sight but Im going to be blind. I had to have stitches on my third eyelid to try to save my eyeball but halfway through the recovery I tore them out and had to be rushed back in for a 2nd surgery. I can use some karma and lots of love, and a little help paying my vet bill cause we had no money due to winter but the vet did the 2 surguries anywany and I want to pay him back for helping us with both surgeries, Praying I get to keep the eye itself and dont have to have it removed in a 3rd surgury in 2 weeks.
as off now we get to keep the eyeball, with  a final bill of just under 800.

I personally would never ask for anything for myself, but Im laid off for the winter ans my unemployment covers the whole family, and cant afford all these new bills all of a sudden. I’m a animal lover and need other animal lovers to help Sara.. Please and thank you..