Silence in the face of Jihad in New Jersey

Recently, Australian policed uncovered a jihadist plot to kidnap regular citizens on the streets of Sydney, behead them, and send the gruesome and terrifying videos over the internet. The aim of the terrorists was to bring Australia to its knees and bend it to Islamic demands.

Unknown to most, we in America were not as fortunate as the Aussies. Something similar to what happened in Australia took place here, but the mainstream media is keeping it quiet. In West Orange, New Jersey, a lovely middle-class suburb, an American jihadist, Ali Mohamed Brown, shot and killed a promising 19-year-old right on the street corner because, as he boasted to police, he was “looking to find an American to kill in retaliation for Moslem deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan”. The killing took place this past June 25.

Young Brendan Tevlin, beloved in his Irish-Catholic community, was murdered precisely because he was American, by a jihadist roaming our suburban streets hunting down Americans. Mohamed called it a “just killing”. Identifying as a Moslem and not as an American, he took “revenge” against his fellow countrymen.

The media hasn’t covered the story, just as they never mentioned the jihadi motives behind the Muhammad/Malvo “Beltway” shooting spree at cars on I-95 a few years ago, or the shooting by a jihadist at a Little Rock army recruitment center, or in Seattle, or at LAX, or years ago atop the Empire State Building.

Why the media silence? Contrast this to the recent wall-to-wall Ferguson, Missouri coverage, and the relentless conclusions of “racism” heaped on a situation many believe was simply self-defense by a police officer. Yet, we hear nothing from the mainstreamers when it comes to home-grown Islamic killings of Americans, carried out in the name of Islam.

Many conservatives realize that the mainstream media report not the important news as much as selecting news items that affirm their liberal templates, primarily that whites in America are racist and hostile to minorities, including Moslems, though worldwide Moslems number 1.4 billion. The Ferguson case fits right into their concocted template of pervasive white-on-black racism whereas American jihadists acting brutally against fellow Americans does not.

The zealously liberal media chooses and interprets news pieces for the purose of encouraging more social engineering so as to keep the “racist majority” in line and to help elect liberal Democrats they hope will change America to a multiculturalist and European-like socialist Mecca. The West Orange, New Jersey murder story works against the goals for which many journalists entered the news business.

Some in the media explain their silence as trying to avoid backlash against the Moslem community, although Americans, throughout our ordeals at the hands of Islam, have not exhibited any kind of real backlash behavior. Islamic organizations, such as CAIR, falsely make these charges to a gullible liberal punditry eager to agree with CAIR. It’s part of the stealth jihad playbook to deflect attention away from the atrocities. Actually, it’s Jewish institutions and Jewish people who have, during the last ten years, been the major victims of attacks, and it has come primarily from Islamic perpetrators.

For the Western world to concede it has an Islamic problem on its hands means rising to a battle for our survival, a challenge requiring moral courage and, worse, a rejection of political correctness. Thus, the denial… the silence. But if we remain silent, these atrocities will continue. In Sweden, for example, rapes of Swedish girls by Moslem gangs are soaring because people remain silent and won’t speak the truth. Police can’t keep tabs on likely suspects if we and law enforcement are not allowed to consider and profile likely suspects. And, once the crime has been committed, it’s too late for the victim.

President Obama has made it a centerpiece of his career to gloss over the misdeeds of Islam and Islamists. In his book, The Audacity of Hope, Mr. Obama wrote that “if ever elected to high office I will stand with Islam if the political winds go against it”. But it’s not some outside fictitious wind that’s doing all this, it is coming from members of Islam itself.

The first and foremost job of a president is to protect Americans, not to run interference for Islam and put Americans at risk so as to protect the image, honor, and sensitivities of Islam’s followers. When he tells us that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, he betrays us and our intelligence by lying to us so as to protect Islam. ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Al Qaida, Iran, Hizb’allah, Qatar… they all tell us they are acting in the name of jihad, Islamic supremacy, and mankind’s submission to sharia law. Surely, Mr. Obama knows this. Indeed, we hear the same jihad talk from imams all over the world and on the streets of London, Paris, and Antwerp.

People in the media are fearful of mentioning the role of Islam, fearing the heavy hand of the Obama administration, ostracism, or being accused of hate speech when they’re just speaking honestly. Those speaking out are not against a race but an ideology. It’s erroneous to assume that Islamic ideology is the same as our Judeo-Christian outlook.  Such is not racism but a well-reasoned value judgment based on evidence we see daily.

“But there are moderate Muslims”. Yes, but the question of how many Muslims are moderate is irrelevant. The question is how we protect ourselves from the millions out to conquer and kill us and sublimate us to sharia? How do we safeguard against the jihadists running and ruling Islam today, be they hard-core terrorists or the soft and slick jihadists in fancy suits and ties? Mr. Obama and the media finally have to decide: Are they here to protect us or to protect Islam at our peril?

Rabbi Aryeh Spero, a theologian, is author of Push Back and president of Caucus for America