Saudi Arabia: The Jinn made me do it

A judge who allegedly confiscated large plots of empty government land using forged deeds claimed it was a jinn who made him carry out his illegal activities. He said he was possessed and did not know what he was doing.

The human lawyer of the judge refused to continue defending him and apologized for not being able to do so. The lawyer was sure that all evidence was against his client so he gave up on him.

The apology of the lawyer gave me an idea. I think the judge should pick up a jinn lawyer since he has worked with them before and they are not strangers to him.

The judge had graciously accepted the advice of the jinn when he confiscated empty government land worth more than SR2 billion through forged documents. The land, in Madinah, is known as “Hamra Al-Assad” after the name of the residential district in which it is located.

The judge had more than 30 other accomplices including court employees and realtors. They were all investigated with a view to determining the role of each one of them in the case.

As we have advised the judge to pick up a jinn lawyer, it is only natural that his other accomplices do the same. Each one of them should choose a lawyer to defend him.

The defendants may also classify themselves into groups and each group should assign its own lawyer. The jinni lawyer of the judge should chair the group of lawyers because he is the most experienced of them and because he corrupted the judge and induced him into stealing land worth billions of riyals.

If a group of jinni lawyers was formed to defend the prime suspect and the other defendants, people would closely follow the trials. This would be an unprecedented court case in the legal history of mankind.

My suggestion seems okay from outside but in fact it is impractical. The judges in the case would not be accustomed to dealing with jinn in their courts.

In fact many judges do not see any need for lawyers. They believe that courts will be better without them. Many judges would accept lawyers only because the system of litigation has made provisions for their inclusion.

Therefore my proposal remains a comic one in line with the judge’s claim that he committed his crime under the influence of the jinn.