Morsi: The Jews Distorted My Anti-Semitic Comments


Now that Egyptian President Morsi’s comments about Jews being “descendants of apes and pigs” have been picked up by the mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, perhaps they might want to follow up on the meeting of US senators with Morsi in Cairo, as reported by The Times of Israel:

At first, the Egyptian president defended himself by saying he did not harbor negative feelings about Judaism or Jewish people.

He then launched a diatribe about Israeli policies against the Palestinians, Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) told Foreign Policy. “He was attempting to explain himself … then he said, ‘Well, I think we all know that the media in the United States has made a big deal of this and we know the media of the United States is controlled by certain forces and they don’t view me favorably,’” Coons told the magazine’s The Cable blog.

Asked if Morsi specifically named the Jews as the forces that control the American media, Coons replied that all the senators believed the implication was obvious. “He did not say [the Jews], but I watched as the other senators physically recoiled, as did I,” Coons said. “I thought it was impossible to draw any other conclusion.”

So let’s get this straight. According to Morsi, the Jews distorted his anti-Semitic comments.

You just couldn’t make this up. But will the mainstream media report it?

In case you haven’t seen them, here are Morsi’s comments from 2010:




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