@CaptainBarakRaz #Israel #Gaza: Have people gone mad?!

My response to some of the talk out there: Have people gone mad?!.

by Captain Barak Raz, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 8:35am ·

After seeing all of the responses on Twitter during the ongoing situation – the rockets, the military actions of Israel, and most recently, the bus bombing in Tel Aviv – I only have one thing to say: have people gone mad!?


The fact that some in this world really equate between the acts of Hamas and the act of IDF, is astonishing. How can the two even be equated on any plane – moral, legal, political?  I am not naive, and I am not blind. I am well aware of the fact that there are those who protest Israel – from this operation to overall policies, I know there are those who don’t agree with us (I’m purposely leaving out those who deny Israel’s right to exist, which is at this point, simply ridiculous, considering we aren’t going anywhere).


But, to justify an organization like Hamas? To elevate it or even equate it to the same level as the Israeli government or military? And then to go as far as equating Israel’s military actions to terror attacks deliberately targeting civilians?? THIS is insane!


Israel does NOT target civilians. Period. Does that mean that some are not regrettably caught in the crossfire? Unfortunately, and it is saddening, the answer is that there are.  As we learn from this military action, and every throughout history, there is no military action without uninvolved casualties.  We do everything in our power to avoid it – be it years of restraint despite ongoing rockets, or during the military action itself, where we do everything to choose targets based on intelligence. But, yes, casualties do happen, and yes, it is very saddening to anyone with a heart and a conscience – This is why military action should always remain a last resort – and I have no doubt that in this case it is.  In addition to all that, don’t forget all that we are up against with the methods employed by Hamas to extract civilian casualties on its own side, on top of the civilian casualties it seeks to create on ours!


Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between the unintentional, unwanted harm to the uninvolved noncombatants to the deliberate, intentional targeting of civilians!  Anyone who thinks that we act as Hamas acts, or desire death in the way they do, is simply confused at “best,” or advancing blood-libels, “at worst.”


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Bus 66 in Tel Aviv. Courtesy: Claudia Rutgal, YNET News

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  1. I’m one citizen of the world (American) who agrees with you. I know there are many more as well. The fact that so many people actually believe Israel to be the aggressor, goes to show just how successful the prpaganda machine has been both in the U.S. and elsewhere. I would like to give Bibi the benefit of the doubt on this ceasefire which does seem like capitulation. Unfortunately I think his trust in our current leaders is misplaced. Still, perhaps (I hope) that he is not so much trusting them as keeping his cards close to the vest and “holding back” with every intention of allowing Hamas to demonstrate yet again, that they have no intention of stopping the reign of terror. It is a faint hope, by virtue of the fact it is ludicrous that people can’t see that already. If they can’t see it now, what will it take? That’s not to consider what this has done to the reserves being asked to “stand by” indefinitely. If it were me, I think I’d find it awfully hard to remain committed and prepared to risk life and limb under the orders of a leader who might not be counted on to let me finish the job once started.


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