Which of them will take the place of caliph?

Which of them will win a place of honor in the Islamic world? The Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan as caliph, or Iranian President Ahmedinejad as the leader of all Muslims, Sunni and Shi’ite? Or someone else altogether? I do not know.

Maybe they are going to put together a great Islamic state. Or will they first sort out all the enemies of Islam and then start to try to understand each other? The latter option is more likely when one examines all the facts.

Some time ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly condemned, and even threatened India, if the leadership of that country would not reduce its purchase of crude oil to Iran. But is India a member of NATO? Is India a strategic partner of the United States? Would it not be better for the U.S. to deal first with its partners, and then with other countries? Or is the authorization for the purchase of oil simply a farcical move in an election year, as the Obama administration attempts to enlist the support of Jews in the United States?

Turkey has significantly increased its oil imports from Iran, despite the oil embargo that the United States and Europe are maintaining against the Islamic Republic.

Oil imports from Iran to Turkey in March exceeded 270,000 barrels per day, which is 100,000 barrels per day more (401 thousand 349 tons per month) than Turkey imported in February.

The data on the website of the Turkish Statistical Committee shows that the country imported 1.174 million tons of Iranian crude oil in March, which is the highest monthly purchase since July 2011, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.

In the first quarter, Iran exported to Turkey an average 193,000 barrels of oil per day (2.44 million tons).

Here you have the embargo.

What do you say about that?

In Turkey, the latest development in the technology of the future is an “electromagnetic bomb.” Research in this area is being done in the “Laboratory for the Study of Plasma.”

According to TRT, thanks to new technologies of the future being developed in Turkey, it can shoot down airplanes, blow up nuclear power plants and destroy or detonate mines. At Suleyman Demirel University is Turkey’s first and only “Laboratory for the Study of Plasma.” Turkey is the fifth country that has such a laboratory.

The laboratory, established with the participation of Canadian and U.S. partners, is equipped with high-voltage, high frequency, electromagnetic and radio frequency systems.
As a result of this work, Turkish scientists were able to carry high voltage and high frequency energy from one point to another without using a cable.

In the event that the project will be supported, in Turkey there can be put into place a national defense system that uses electromagnetic energy. This is after the Turks did not allow Israel to the NATO summit in Chicago and arrested the senior military leadership that was constraining Islam.

And this continues…

Now the Turks are changing their constitution.

In announcing the beginning of work on a new draft constitution, Prime Minister Erdogan proposed discussing the possibility of presidential rule. In accordance with the fundamental law, the president has the powers of representation, and the government has absolute power.

Erdogan’s statement was interpreted as confirmation of his plans to become a powerful president of the country, in which scenario it was necessary to exchange the parliamentary system for a presidential one. The third and final term of office of the Erdogan government will expire in 2015.

Given the popularity of the prime minister in an Islamic Turkey, his victory in the presidential elections to be held in 2014 can be considered practically predetermined. This will allow the ruling party to continue the process of Islamization. And the president in this Islamic country could well be transformed into the Sultan.

The race continues in the Islamic world, the race to establish who is more harm to Israel. But in this who can rival Turkey, a NATO member country and a strategic partner of the United States?

Maybe it is time to apologize to the Turks and Iran for the fact that we have not accepted Islam and Muhammad.

Maybe our ancestors have died in vain — those who died fighting against the Turks, and then against the Iranians and Arabs who were allied with North Caucasian tribes.

Maybe the time has come, which I was told about by one of the leaders and financiers of jihad in the Caucasus — the time when all the people in the world would be Muslim, except for the Jews, and then the Muslims would “liberate” Jerusalem and destroy Israel.

Posted by Joseph Zaalishvili

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