A mass murderer lectures about Israeli apartheid in South Africa

From the Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa, last week:

The Muslim Judicial Council on Wednesday received Palestinian exchange prisoner, Dr. Abdul Aziz Umar. Dr. Abdul Aziz is a true symbol of hope as he in many ways represents the attitude and strength of the Palestinian people in their continuous struggle for freedom against the Israeli Zionist occupiers. Dr. Abdul Aziz related some of his experiences as a prisoner of the corrupt occupying forces and gave detailed accounts of how he was tortured and how on numerous occasions the Zionists tried to break his spirit and his resolve.

“I was used as a guinea pig for Israeli medical experiments in order that they could enjoy and display medical genius
, even though I have lost the blessing of sight. However, they could not conquer and overpower my will and desire to turn prison into an educational academy.”

With this introduction the blind deported prisoner, Dr. Ábdul Ázīz Úmar (51 years old) started his discussion with “ar-Risālah Net” talking about his suffering and torture that he experienced in Israeli prisons. The emancipator Úmar (i.e. Dr. Ábdul Ázīz Úmar) is the first blind prisoner that carries a doctorate degree and who received a prison sentence of “7 life sentences and 30 years” when he was imprisoned on 27/09/2004.

Unforgettable Memories

He said about losing his sight: “I lost my sight when I started my university studies (i.e. undergraduate level) but that wasn’t a stumbling block in front of me. I completed my Bachelors Degree at Beir Zayt University thereafter I obtained a PhD. (Doctorate Degree) from the Hebrew University in English Literature.”

The academic Úmar speaks about his “incarceration journey”: “I was excelling in my studies despite my disabilities. The occupation forces tried to involve me in some issues by running some medical tests and exams on me but I disagreed. I was imprisoned in a very barbaric way in 1996 and they accused me of aiding and abetting the brave Mujāhid and Martyr Muḥyiddīn ash-Sharīf. After a while they released my innocence but placed me under house arrest for two years.”

He added: “The imprisonment did not stop there. I was arrested again in 2004 in front of my children in a very horrible way and without any charges. This impacted very negatively and adversely on my small children resulting in them having to receive treatment for the traumatic experience.”

He follows up: “Some months after my seizure (imprisonment) I was convicted and given a prison sentence of “4 life sentences and 30 years”.The charge was that I was spreading new and strange ideas in my intellectual and academic works.” ” …ideas are more dangerous than weapons…” this was the message wispered in the ear of Dr. Abdul Aziz, by an Israeli soldier whilst being arrested and with a gun pointed to his chest. Úmar further explained that he didn’t abandon the quest to seek knowledge and further studies, despite this severe sentence that was handed to him. He dedicated himself to teach the prisoners English and Arabic in the precincts of the prison, as well as conducting different symposia and seminars.

He specifically said with regards to his “journey of punishments” in the prisons of the occupation forces: “The occupation forces were artists/ masters in torturing me, trying and hoping to breakdown and destroy my mind more than my body. They used truth serums, electric shock instruments as well as sleeping and relaxation tablets on me. They were the ones who always suffered from fatigue in the end, because my mind remained completely awake and alert.

He further relates about certain tortures he had to endure: “One day they tied me up on the confessions chair and they forced a strong electric and painful x-ray apparatus on my head for more than two hours leading to my body suffering from severe limpness. Some hours after that I was moved to another room whilst I was shackled and they threw me down spread out. They then shocked me with electricity that resulted in me suffering from paralysis in my entire skeleton (bone) structure, and a lost the ability to move.” He continued: “The physical torture barely stopped when they started with psychological torture. They brought the prisoner and the freedom fighter Nāil Bharghūti to us, in order to inform us that “your destiny will be like his” seeing that he (Nāil Bharghūti) is the longest serving political prisoner that they have in their prisons. However, he overpowered them when he said to us: Do not despair and loose hope, victory and freedom are near.”

Really? He was arrested for no reason and sentenced to seven (or four, he says) life terms for “spreading new and strange ideas”? He was tortured mercilessly but still managed to teach other prisoners? The prisons service brought Barghouti to break his will and Barghouti fooled them?

What kind of moron would believe this garbage?

Well, obviously, people who hate Israel – and the entire Muslim population of South Africa.

Let’s see what the truth is. From a press release by the South Africa Zionist Federation:

Former Palestinian prisoner Dr Abdul Aziz Umar, who is visiting Cape Town to give a series of lectures, has claimed that he was arrested by the Israelis for “spreading new and strange ideas” in his academic works.

The reality is very different

The real reason why Umar was sentenced to seven life sentences by Israel in 2004 was because of his participation in the Café Hillel bombings in Jerusalem on 9 September 2003. Seven Israeli civilians were killed in this cold-blooded terrorist attack. They included Dr David Appelbaum, head of the emergency room at Shaare Zedek Medical Center and his daughter Nava, who was to have been married the following day.

Whilst in prison, Umar was allowed to further his academic qualifications by studying through an Israeli university, at the Israeli tax payer’s expense. He was freed last year as part on a prisoner exchange deal, in which hundreds of Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for a single Israeli one.

Those responsible for bringing Abdul Aziz Umar to South Africa have falsely depicted him as an innocent victim of Israeli oppression and prison brutality. The truth is that he is a convicted terrorist with innocent blood on his hands. He has never expressed any remorse for his murderous actions, and he remains a committed supporter of terrorist violence against Israel.

The South African Zionist Federation questions the motivations and the morality of bringing someone with Umar’s record to South Africa. There can be no place in our country for those who propagate hatred and falsehood and who have chosen the path of violence over that of peace.
As long as no one challenges the lies, they will continue to spread.

Muslims and other Israel-haters will not even think twice about inviting and honoring a mass murderer – as long as he hates Israel along with them.

Was there a single Muslim in South Africa who publicly opposed the honor of a mass murderer? Just one, out of over 700,000 South Africa Muslims? Was there even one Muslim who had the moral strength to criticize an unrepentant terrorist and obvious liar whose actions led to the vicious murder of seven people?

This, my friends, is the problem.

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