VIDEO: The World under Muslim Sharia Law

VIDEO: ‘Democracy is the Opposite of Islam’

Here is an excerpt from my interview in Antwerp with the head of Sharia4Belgium, Abu Imran.

He says the label “democratic Muslim” is a contradiction in terms; that Sharia (he means the full Sharia—amputation for theft, stoning for adultery) is inseparable from true Islam; and he is very confident that the whole world will be brought under the control of Islam.

Check back for more excerpts from my interview with Abu Imran, and the full story on March 15 on “The 700 Club” and

VIDEO: The World under Muslim Sharia Law

Here is a second portion of my interview in Antwerp with Abu Imran, leader of Sharia4Belgium. He describes the world under Sharia as something like heaven on Earth; without crime, hunger, or injustice.

In the first installment, Imran said Islam is the opposite of democracy and that Islam and Sharia law are inseparable. Sharia is a total system of law and government from the Koran and Islamic scholars.

It is most famous for some of its punishments: amputation for stoning, and death for adultery, homosexuality or leaving Islam.

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  1. Wow- so you interview a radical and imply it applies to all of islamic belief. Shall we post the interviews from some of the extremists in the christian, jewish, mormon..etc faiths and imply that it applies to all of their faiths?



    1. The fact you haven’t actually researched it further you would find out this is a prevalent even though the left would much like to deny it. If only 20% of Muslims are radical, the other 80% are guilty by association having never tried for reform, or for stopping terrorism, they like the left choose to look the other way.Sharia law is very real in this world and is spreading..Dont sell yourself short and investigate it before you denounce me for warning you about something everyone in the free world should greatly fear.


      1. Really? Estimates on the support for the radical element of Islam range from 3%-13% depending on the bias, and the interpretation of “Support”

        Shall we talk about christianities not speaking out against the murder of abortion doctors or the numerous hate groups that hide behind their radical interpretation of christianity? Or the jews who don’t speak out against the kidnappins and assisnations of muslims? Or the radical settlers who take lands in violation of international and israeli laws? or…


      2. ahh, that explains it your a anti-Semite type..siding with the Pals and Arabs..You are aware these are all known terrorist organizations, even the supposed moderate in Fatah, Abbas murdered a dozen people at the Olympics with his lil Black September project..republicans are all bad..Whatever..This is not a site or blog about Christianity, unless you choose to discuss the regular murder of them by Muslims..They will get no sympathy here, and all my articles are from real sources, I dont and wont print bullshit..


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