Iran vs Everyone

The following editorial appeared in a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal.

Commentary about the Islamic Republic of Iran can be a thing to behold: Whenever the mullahs resort openly to terrorism, it’s taken by some in the West as a good sign that they’re finally serious about negotiations.

So it was last week, as Iranian agents sought to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia and Thailand. The attempt in Tbilisi was foiled without injury, but the bombing in New Delhi critically injured the wife of one Israeli official and hurt three others. In Bangkok, four Thais were injured when a cache of explosives detonated in an Iranian safe house.

Tehran officially denies involvement. But three Iranian nationals are now under arrest in Thailand, another is on the lam and a fourth is being extradited to Thailand from Malaysia. If these are the marks of a country that is “ready to talk” – as former diplomat Dennis Ross argued – we’d be interested to know what Iranian actions would qualify as evidence of belligerence.

It’s in nobody’s interest to see a regional war erupt in the Middle East. It’s even less in America’s interests to back our allies in Jerusalem into a corner. An Iran that seeks to murder diplomats across the globe is a threat to global security. The United States has an even larger interest than Israel in stopping it.

add to that:

The wave of Iranian efforts to attack Israeli interests abroad appears to be continuing, following an announcement by Azerbaijan on Tuesday that it had foiled another plot linked to Tehran and Hezbollah in Baku.

The conspiracy involved a cell linked to the Revolutionary GuardsQuds Force and the Lebanese terrorist organization, the Azerbaijani Ministry of National Security said, according to state television.

Go figure…Time to take Iran’s mullah down…