Do You Support Human Rights?

In order to get a reality check on where you stand in relation to our liberal values, consider taking this short and challenging quiz.  You might be very surprised to find out where you really stand when it comes to the protection of human rights.

Imagine a man who is the equivalent of perhaps 100,000 Osama Bin Ladens in terms of the violence he conducted in his lifetime in the name of religion.

Know that this savage individual had personally beheaded several hundred people and ordered the beheading of many, many more.

Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research and see that he had people tortured.

Know that he ordered people to be stoned for adultery.

Consider that he owned human slaves.

Note that he married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was only 9 years old.  According to his own scriptures, he had sex with a child.

Research if you can to verify these facts – that this man invented a religion which he spread by killing people.  He was a warmonger who explicitly ordered his followers to kill Christians, Jews and other non-believers of his “religion of peace”.

Note that he left behind a “holy book” which, if taken literally (and it is commanded that this book be taken literally) tells his followers that men are to have dominance over women and that they can “strike” a woman if she disobeys.

Note that where the legal system he created is being practiced in the world, women are punished for being raped – often by being stoned to death or being forced to marry their rapist.

Know that according to this man’s invented religious legal system, homosexuals are to be executed by hanging.

Note that most of the religiously inspired acts of terrorism in the world today are done is his name in accordance with the teachings and legacy he left behind.

Look up the word “Al-Insān al-Kāmil” which means that “the person who has reached perfection”.  To his 1.67 billion followers in the world today this man is the ideal man.

As disgusting as this might all sound, do your homework and you will find that what is being presented here are facts.

Take some solace in knowing that fortunately the vast majority of those who follow this man do not emulate his violent behavior.

That said, consider that in Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other countries the more violent interpretation of this man’s “holy book” are law.  Women who live under these oppressive religious systems have very few rights and those who speak out against this tyrannical system are often imprisoned, tortured or killed.

Observe that in Tunisia and Libya, where oppressive dictators have been overthrown, this man’s brutal and demoralizing religious legal system is being implemented.  Also note that it appears that Egypt is in all likelihood voting in by a majority a radical party that has been the mother ship of many terrorist organizations and will soon be instituting this same oppressive system of religious law.

Note that in many countries where the majority of people follow this man’s religion, women are second class citizens (like segregation in the American South) forced to cover themselves in public, and the penalty for not doing so can be imprisonment, lashings, beatings and even death.

Be aware that one of the primary objectives of this man’s religion is to spread this system of religious cruelty throughout the entire world, by force if necessary, just as this “prophet” tried to do himself and commanded his followers to do once he was gone.

Consider that in Pakistan, a country mostly controlled by its radical religious military, they have nukes.

Note that in this “religion of peace” the penalty for apostasy is death.

Take your pulse

by EricAllenBell